We have a huge list of bonuses for you to download & start using it. If you want to see what bonuses you are getting, CLICK HERE.

Some of the bonuses are either Done-For-You (DFY) or Do-It-Yourself (DIY). Some are BOTH DFY and DIY! Save you tens of thousands of dollars including your time and money!

One Platform With Multiple Benefits

No Huge Investments Required To Profit Anymore!

Immersive Virtual Experiences Such As 360 Tours, Live Video Chats & E-Commerce Stores Are Now Essential For Survival

Transforming Normal Into 360

You gain access to our cutting-edge technology that allows you to create 360 virtual tours by adding regular photos. Yes, your camera roll is enough to create magnificent results!


Let's deep dive into all the apps, softwares, workbooks, templates, exclusive bonuses & video training that are available in your digital business backpack.

They are all yours when you decided to join the Digital Launch Program today!

Video Training Tutorial

Watch ANYTIME and at ANYWHERE! Watch during your free time. The best part is you can have a life time access to the video training 24/7/365 online! Keep Learning & Keep Earning.

You will discover more about digital marketing that includes Facebook, YouTube, Google and Instagram marketing. More will be added into the program and we will always update the video training tutorials.

Online Live

Join our Online Live Training! You can ask our Master Trainer Niel Tan and other senior trainers about anything related to digital marketing, digital technology, digital solutions and basically the entire digital launch program.

All online live training sessions will be done on Zoom.
This is to provide you an additional support on your learning journey. Learn, Apply & Get Results!


This is an AWESOME NEWS! When you decide to join the program, you will have access to our platform as a seller, and you can register for FREE!

As you know, eCommerce is one of the best marketing methods to generate more sales and profit for your business. See how big Amazon, Shopee, Lazada, Taobao and many other eCommerce platforms have grown over the years!

The best part is we drive the traffic to the platform and you have the opportunity to capture more leads and potential customers 24/7 online! Everyone's goal is to get more sales and now you have us to drive traffic to your business.

Digital Marketing Online Training

Digital marketing today is a necessity for every businesses. If you want to get more viewers, traffics, leads and sales conversions, then you will need to discover the power of digital marketing.

Ignoring Digital Marketing is like opening a business without telling anyone.

If you are someone who wants to learn digital marketing including some software and digital technology to support you, then this digital launch program is for you!

You can start your own digital marketing agency and start your journey to achieve your first 5 to 6 figures or more online!


You might have seen people created awesome eBooks with eye catching 2D and 3D cover, generated 5 to 7 figures selling on Amazon Kindle and the best part is they run it on auto-pilot.

In other words, they fully automated their sales process entirely online.

If you want to generate additional cashflow for your business, extra income online or perhaps increase your branding awareness, then this program is for you.

We have awesome, professional & high resolution templates with 2D and 3D ebook covers. Design it WITHOUT using Adobe Photoshop or illustrators.

ClicKBinar Video Marketing Domination

What if we can help you save $50,000 to $100,000 or more when comes to creating videos! What if you can create awesome cinematic, text animation, whiteboard animation, sales, offers and ads videos within 5 to 10 minutes?

Creating videos is highly time consuming, with our video app, this problem can be easily solved!

We have templates ready for you! You can upload your own images, music background, changing colours, upload your logo and editing the text. Otherwise, you can use our image and music library.


Facebook Private
Group Support

Join our Facebook Private Support Group. You will receive more updates and information about digital marketing, digital technology and digital transformation.
We got your back. If you need help, just drop us a Facebook message or drop your comment on any post in the Facebook private group.
Not only that, you can also click on the chat bubble on the bottom right corner of your screen and drop us a message.

WhatsApp Private Group Support

Providing support to our customers is one of our top priority. While many provide only email and ticketing support, we are providing a WhatsApp Live Chat Support! You can always ask us individually or in a group.

The best part is that you can compile all the questions that you may have, send them to us on WhatsApp and our support representative will answer all of them or you can ask our trainers on the next online live training session!

Done-For-You Special Event Image Templates

Get our Done-For-You special event image templates that include New Year, Deepavali, Hari Ray, Chinese New Year, Black Friday, Happy Halloween, Cyber Monday, 11.11 and more!

Under the Digital Launch Program, you only get some of the image templates. If you want the entire templates for the whole year for 365 days, that will be available in the Digital Growth Program. That means, you will have 365 days of done-for-you videos for your social media.


We have created lots of awesome bonuses for you to download and start using to get your business started right away online!

You can click the button below to see the list of what bonuses you are getting when you decided to join the Digital Launch Program!

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One of the best cost effective ways of getting more customers is influencer marketing. Instead of hiring a sales agent, you can hire influencers with real great number of followings on social medial.

Turn influencers into your sales closer. If you are getting good results, work with them with long term project.

Social Media Domination

Social Media is proven to be effective provided if you done it correctly with awesome video content! It will increase your business branding awareness, brand loyalty & authority traffic to your website, improve search engine rankings, create better relationship with your audience & so many more! The list goes on...

To make it short, you must be on Social media. You will discover more in the program!


How are you in content writing? Are you satisfied with the results you get? Words are the most powerful tools you have. Copywriting and content marketing is all about using words to get the attention of your audience and convince them to buy your products & services.

We show people how to create awesome content. Create content using proven formulas that have been used by many successful copywriting and content marketing companies.

Discover our step-by-step training on how to write killer copy and get traffic, leads, and sales from it, with proven copywriting formulas.

You will discover the 5 majorly used in Sales Copy to convert more sales for your business.


If you want to increase visibility, traffic and authority in your industry, then this lesson is going to be fun for you to discover.

Rank on Google first page and at the first position.

Allow your dream customers to search for you easily on Google. If you cannot be found on Google by your targeted audience A.K.A your dream customers, then your dream customers will end up searching for your competitors.

List up your business on Google, the largest search engine in the online world.


Discover the power of YouTube Ads! The largest video search engine in the world! Video marketing is one of the best sales conversions of all time!

That's why all the top content creators on YouTube or Facebook are related to video content.

Time to discover how you can increase the number of viewers, clicks, traffics, leads and sales with YouTube Ads together with proper video ads funnel planning.

YouTube Analytics - Boost Channel

When it comes to making tough decision, the only method that can help you is data analytics. You will discover how to investigate and analyze your performance and as well as your competitor.

Without data, is like driving with your eyes closed. With data analytics you can understand what is really happening within your channel. Especially the number of viewers, clicks, sessions, likes, subscribes and many other important analytics.

With data, you can now make proper decision and find the solution to boost your YouTube channel.


Facebook is the LARGEST Social Media Network in the world! It is the first place where you want to look for new customers online!

But here's the problem... Promoting your business on Facebook is easier said than done. There are so many people on Facebook these days, and your target market probably has hundreds of thousands of friends on Facebook.

In this program journey, you are going to discover how to break through this problem with less to zero followers on Facebook!


Want to get more leads & sales online? Then you will need a YouTube Channel! So many people are generating not just 5 to 6 figures with YouTube. YouTube can be huge traffic to your business.

Sell your skills to people on YouTube! After all it is the largest video search engine in the world! Wondering how?

Then take action to join this unique program! We will show you how it's done.

Facebook Ads Retargeting

This is one of the best lesson that you do not want to miss! Facebook retargeting is one of the best & powerful marketing method that helps businesses to easily generate & convert more sales online!

Every big company is using it, even Facebook and Google themselves are using it as well. Because this retargeting ads is also known as following up. Doing an auto follow up process with Facebook.

Curious to find out how?

Join this program and you will discover more about it and how it can take you to a whole new level online.


You might heard before that Facebook Marketplace can help you generate tons of sales.

You wanted to start but you do not know how.
You already listed up your products, but did not get any sales results.
You have many enquiries, but most of them did not convert.
You tried listing up, but Facebook blocked or banned your products.

These are painful issues that many people are facing. You see people making 5 to 6 figures, so you tried over and over again. But failed to achieve it.

What if there are solutions to these problems? Would you like to discover? If yes, then this program will show you how.


Graphic Design is the art to share your ideas, information, story, product & services to you dream customers. If you ever wanted to have awesome graphic design as your content marketing, then this program is for you!

Introducing you to Canva. It is fast and easy to design a professional-quality graphics. You can create amazing graphics in minutes!

BUT! Many people still FAILED to create a compelling design, some lacked of designing skills and knowledge and some are TIRED and FRUSTRATED of poorly designed posters or banners.

Not to mention the costly job of hiring a graphic designer just to get things right.

In this program, we will simplify the process of creating stunning graphics through a step-by-step process that anyone can easily follow.


Tired of trading so much of your TIME and HEALTH searching for more new leads and sales? If your answer is "Yes", then you will need to have a sales funnel.

With sales funnel you can automate your customer journey from A to Z+. That means, you can automatically convert them from strangers into a loyal diamond customer.

Sales funnel and landing page are like a car that runs with an engine. If both are not in place, it is like having a car without an engine. Without a car, you can't drive to market to sell your goods. Without a sales funnel, you can't drive traffic to your landing page.

With a proper sales funnel, you can see the beauty of how it drives your targeted audience from being a stranger into your loyal diamond customer.

Thanks to today's technology, you can easily create it without any coding and programming knowledge.

Everything can be done by dragging and dropping the blocks.

Facebook Live Streaming

Using the Facebook live streaming feature is not that easy and it takes a lot of time and effort to get into that and then you have to keep all the viewers engaged and entertained and that too live and they can comment and ask questions and so on.

But what if? What if you could learn how to do Facebook live streaming in a few minutes and then use it to grow your business or build your brand?

Facebook live streaming is not that difficult and we will teach you the correct way to do it. Once you know how, you can also teach others to do the same!


Additional benefit added to the program! Once you completed certain task listed in the program, you can claim your Canva Pro Credits from us directly!

What kind of tasks? Well, you can create ebanner ads, short videos, graphic design, sales funnel structure, ebook, mockup, uploading videos to YouTube, listing up products and services on our eCommerce platform, Facebook marketplace and many more!

This will help to improve your design. The nicer design you have, the better chance for your to capture your audience attention in the online competitive market.