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Highlights For Our FREE Web Design Services:

Just cover Domain Name, Web Hosting & Plugins under a 3 years plan.
That’s RM 1.48 (Daily) = RM 44.97 (Monthly) = RM 1,618.92 (3 Years)


Your website will remain running and operating as long as you renew your domain name and web hosting.

If failed to renew, your domain name might end up recycled in the domain name market and it might become a premium price (become costly to repurchase).

If failed to renew your web hosting, all your previous data and information will be gone unless it is backed up.

At this point of failing to renew and planning to get back your website will be extremely difficult. In the end you might need to purchase a new domain name and web hosting.

For the FREE web design service package is free in terms of our time spent designing your website.
The daily, monthly and yearly payment is for the domain name, hosting and plugins. This is to proof you are the owner of the website as many web designers and companies uses many methods to scam people and we aim to avoid that.

Yes, after your website is completed and published, any request for changes will be charged accordingly depending on the depth of changes requested. 

No, we highly encourage you to create your own images and videos to avoid any copyrighted issues.

We (The ClickBinar Team) will not be liable for any loss or damages. We also not going to entertain any copyrighted issues or any cases of  lawsuit. We will not bare the risk.

We recommend you to hire a designer to design or create images and videos for you from scratch. (We do provide such services)

Or you can purchase images and videos from shutterstock.

If you plan to use non copyrighted images or videos please be careful as it might end up a copyrighted source. This happens when the owner decides to change the policy from free or non copyrighted to copyrighted images and videos. 

Once you done your payment, we will receive and confirm your order.

Once confirmed, within 7 working days our web design consultants will have a call  with you to discuss further about completing your website.

Yes, but you will need to buy a new domain name just to prove that you are the owner of the domain name.

A one time fee of RM100 will be charged if your website is already ongoing developing as it takes time to transfer the entire website data to the new domain name.

Please choose your preferred domain name carefully before proceeding to the next step.

Yes, it is included! The setting up is FREE for Facebook, Youtube & Instagram.

Only if you do not have any account of the above. We can create it for you and link it to your website.

You will have full access to your accounts and we also suggest you to change your passwords.

Unlimited domain / business email account. (Example – info@clickbinar.com / IronMan@clickbinar.com / Thanos@clickbinar.com)

We can create unlimited business email address for you with a one time service charge. 

Note: If a huge traffic (eg, 1,000 / 10,000 or more) visits your website, you will need to upgrade your hosting plan. 

Depends on the web hosting provider, domain name provider, plugin creator and also the growth of your website. 

Note: When your business is growing rapidly with huge traffic you are required to upgrade your web hosting to adapt such huge incoming traffic to your website or else you will experience a slow loading speed of your website and sometimes could crush your website. 

This can be harmful for your paid ads and business.

Yes, but the design will be based on our standard of procedure.

Note, this will be not part of the Free Web Design Package as it requires extra work on making changes for your website. 

The cost of changing and modifying your website depends on the difficulty, length or number of pages and other factors. 

The more pages you have for us to edit, the more time is required and hence we will charged accordingly. 

We recommend you to buy a new domain name from us so that you can benefit the Free Web Design (Professional) Package.

Our package comes with 3-pages, 6-pages, 10-pages and more than 11-pages. 

Note: This is not under Free Web Design Services Package as it is considered as an add on services. 

The more pages you have for us to edit, the more time is required and hence we will charged accordingly.

    1. Email Support – The email support is FREE for lifetime as long as your website is still operating with us
    2. Call/WhatsApp Support – During the process of creating your website you will have our call and WhatsApp support until your website is launched (Within 90 days to launch your website). Once your website is launched you will have an additional support for 180 days to find tune for your website. Do not mistaken, remember email support is free for lifetime as long as your website is still operating with us. Our working hours is from Monday to Friday from 10:00am to 5:00pm. 

No, just a professional website that most businesses needed. If you would still like to have an eCommerce website, I recommend you to have at least 10 to 15 products and this will be another service to discuss. Please chat with us by clicking the chat bubble on your bottom right screen.

However, for website you can integrate a payment gateway. There are multiple payment gateway provider for you to choose such as PayPal, iPay88 and MolPay. There are free and paid payment gateway services but there are pro and cons for both.  

1. e-Posters
2. e-Banners
3. illustration
4. GIF Images
5. Name Card
6. Logo Design
7. Infographics
8. Video Editing
9. Graphic Design
10. Video Animation
11. Facebook Ads
12. Digital Marketing Consultation
13. Google – SEO, Search ads, Display ads, Shopping ads, Mobile ads, app ads, gmail ads, video ads and Facebook ads.

No and Yes

No for Free Web Design (Professional) Package. If you want to edit it by yourself, you will be moved to another package (Starter or Enterprise package). Hence, you will need to pay the outstanding and not able to benefit the Free Web Design Services (Professional) Package.

Yes, you can edit if your package plan is starter or enterprise. 

Once the website is completed there will be NO REFUND is allowed.

However, during the process of designing within 30 days you can refund up to 80% depending on the percentage of completion.

If you insist of getting a refund, the domain name (www.YourDomainName.com) will not be owned by you. This case will usually end up hurting your company’s brand name in the future. 

Please decide carefully before making any purchase with us. We encourage you to understand clearly before making any purchases.



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