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Congratulation! You have successfully registered for our FREE 8 Hours eUsahawan Online Zoom Training Program in 2021!!!.

I would also like to congratulate you for taking action to be part of our eUsahawan family.

What should I do next?

1) Please double check your information, whether it is correctly registered because the government will be preparing the certificates for you.
If you do not provide the correct registration information, you cannot go to Level 2 and Level 3.
You will also not able to access the Government Training and Support Portal.
You will not be able to access or join any future sponsored programs, events, training and others.
You will also not able to receive awesome VOUCHERS such as GSC, Giant, Tesco, Popular and Guardian. All together worth RM 289.50 or more if you managed to get more points. How? Niel Tan will explain more during the live training session.

The certificate is only given to first-timers and a Malaysian citizen.

✅ Name follow according to your IC:
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✅ Check Your Active Contact Number:
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✅ Check Your NRIC Number:
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✅ Selected Training Date:
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If you’ve attended the program before or you are not a Malaysian citizen, please do not to worry as you can still join us again,
all you have to do is to cover a small fee of RM 80 or refer a friend. Once you referred a friend and he or she succesfully registered, please send us a WhatsApp message.
Our contact details can be found below of this email.

NOTE: In order to receive your certificate, access to your video training portal, receive ebooks, vouchers
attend more free workshops or training and many more, please make sure the information above is given correctly.

2) Please watch out for our message as we will update you through Email, Whatsapp and/or SMS.
If you do not have a WhatsApp account, please create one.

3) Check your email or WhatsApp Group 1 day before the class as you will receive an Orientation and Pre-Training Links that informs you about
things you need to bring and prepare, such as your IC, laptop, tablet, charger and etc.

4) For first-timers who attend the training until the end of the training will receive bonuses:
webinar/video, downloadable eCertificate, free 2 to 4 hours valuable LIVE workshop and many more.

NOTICE: If you registered and did not attend the training,
you will be forfeited from receiving those bonuses unless been informed to us 2 days earlier before the training.

The reason for this is so we can give these free and limited seats to others who want to attend. Because there were
recurrences where seats were not fully utilised. For example, people who registered but failed to inform us earlier
and caused others who wanted to attend missed the opportunity.

We aim to seriously help those who are well committed, willing to learn so that they can best apply to their needs.

(Seats are reserved to those who are able to attend the 8 hours Online Zoom Training and want to look for better
opportunities, start an online business, generate more leads & sales for their business or want to take
their business to go locally or globally online.)

5) If you would like to share this event with your friends and family, please share using this link:

If you have any further question, please contact us:
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? Email Address:
[email protected]

? Contact Number (1):
+6 016 – 454 4536 (Niel Tan – Call/WhatsApp)

? Contact Number (2):
+6 018 – 955 4196 (Clairyst – Call/Whatsapp)

?WhatsApp Niel Tan directly:

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I hope to receive your questions today!
Your journey has begun and I will do with all my power to help you achieve your goal and success.

See you real soon in the Zoom Live Training (Online Training)!

To Your Success,
Niel Tan
(CEO & Founder of ClickBinar)
Certified eUsahawan Master Trainer
Master Trainer Code: TB302