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Niel Tan & Montana's Success Story Selected By eUsahawan

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The program has officially LAUNCHED !!!

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Join our 8-hours eUsahawan Digital Marketing, Digital Technology & Digital Sales Funneling Training Program OFFLINE LIVE in Penang, as this is a sponsored training program by one of our government-owned institution called Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) to help people to generate side incomes. This program was launched in 2015 with the objective of giving exposure to digital entrepreneurship towards youth and micro-entrepreneurs of Small and Medium Enterprise to generate rewarding returns through the digital platform.

eUsahawan program offers a world of entrepreneurship knowledge to be explored by them who dare to transform and have the passion to spread wings in the business field. The participants will be exposed to effective techniques of digital marketing, which is practical and relevant to the current situation.

As such, the long-term objective of eUsahawan program is to give exposure to participants about digital entrepreneurship as they are encouraged to utilize digital platform capacity to expand their business in accordance with the national digital economy agenda.

eUsahawan Digital Entrepreneurship

8-hours training of Digital Marketing to train micro-entrepreneurs. 


eUsahawan Micro is a digital entrepreneurship program for entrepreneurs, particularly from Small and Medium Enterprises. 1 day and a short-termed program will be conducted in TVET institutions and selected training centres nationwide. By utilizing popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, participants will get to learn digital entrepreneurial techniques for effective business marketing.


Grab the chance to join an exciting digital business learning class with us. Click REGISTER HERE TO LEARN OFFLINE button to attend the class in person and learn more about how digital marketing can help you grow your business, getting promoted in your career or changing of career to start your own online business. 

Want to be a Digital ENTREPRENEUR?

Ever wonder how eUsahawan helps entrepreneurs like yourself? We have a quick video to give you a sneak peek at what we do and how you can benefit from the program.

eUsahawan classes offered through face to face classes and online, you will learn all the methods in business and marketing using social media, copywriting, website, email marketing as well as closing sales using WhatsApp and many more.

You will learn all these in advancing your business from digital commerce and eCommerce all the way to cross border commerce.

Planning to Start &
Grow Your Online Business?

eUsahawan is an initiative aimed at applying values and digital entrepreneurship knowledge among existing small entrepreneurs as well as young entrepreneurs. This initiative was also introduced to ensure that more people benefit from digital use for entrepreneurial purposes.

This eUsahawan initiative is implemented through the learning and training of digital entrepreneurship curriculum that has now been implemented through the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) 

The target for this Initiative is the TVET student as well as the existing small entrepreneurs. The scope of the eUsahawan learning and training curriculum will include the latest digital technology trends, including social media marketing, mobile commerce, analysis, ePayment, digital marketing and cybersecurity.

Started From a Small House

Meet Tan Kim Yen A.K.A Eva from Tawau, Sabah. She owned a business called HY Enterprise and her products “Fun Noodle” is a mixture of vegetables and noodles. It comes with a different type of noodles: Beetroot, black sesame, spinach, carrot and many more. 

Her business started from a small house until one day she came across this program called eUsahawan Program that was introduced by her friend. In the program, she learned about Facebook ads, Instagram and many other digital marketing tools and features but the best online platform that managed to grow her business effectively is an eCommerce platform that includes 11th Street, Lazada, Shopee and other eCommerce platforms. Day by day, more and more orders and requests she received from these platforms. Before all these, her monthly sales was only RM 7,000, thanks to eUsahawan program her monthly sales now is RM 28,000 and her next target is to achieve RM 100,000 sales per month

Now she owned a factory to produce the noodles. (Wah! Now also got factory leh, who would not want to have a successful business, right?) Before in the video ends, she left a message especially to women, “do not to stay at home and do nothing as now the technology era allows you to start working from home”. Yes! You can be like her starting from a small house and slowly grow into a big business like her having to own a producing noodle factory. 

Certification Program

Completing the 8 hours digital marketing, digital technology & digital sales funneling training under eUsahawan Digital Entrepreneurship Program, you will entitle with a downloadable eCertificate from your eUsahawan / Go-eCommerce portal. This is only “Tahap 1” that means “Level 1”. It is a basic entry-level for you to create your digital marketing foundation before going to the advance classes. Yes! In the near future, there will be advance classes called the Step Up Digital Entrepreneurship Program.


Having difficulty growing your business?
Not to worry as eUsahawan got you covered!

Here are the supports that you can find it amazing:

F – Financial & Funding

One of important elements to encourage a company’s business longevity is to sustain a robust financial system.

MDEC will help you manage company finance and fund for successful business.

Here are the available delivery services: Bank Negara – AKPK – imSME – Maybank

B – Branding & Marketing

The strategy of adding commercial value and image on products to determine the direction of overall marketing operations. 

Learn marketing tactics for business expansion and how to sensationalize products to potential customers anywhere they might be. 

Marketing and Branding Strategy is important to ensure your product or services to be easily recognized in the market. 

M – eU@Marketplace

eU@Marketplace is an initiative from MDEC to help and nurture eUsahawan participants to expand their market to a bigger consumer group. This effort is realized through online business platform as provided by MDEC to help and promote their products to foreign market through collaborations.

Here are the available Marketplace: 
Blee – AVANA – EasyStore – – MyBazaar – Shopee – 11Street – AmaxMall

P – Payment Gateway

What is payment gateway? Online payment gateway is a system to make online business and trading between customers and entrepreneurs a feasible experience.

Improve transaction and business access at any time and anywhere with established payment platform.

Here are the available payment gateways: Billplz – MOLPay – MPay – iPay88 – eGHL – AsiaPay – PayPal

C - Coaching & Mentorship

The lack of experience and limited knowledge in business may affect entrepreneurs’ self-esteem and causes hesitation to pitch into the business world. With entrepreneurship training and courses provided by MDEC, entrepreneurial potentials are honed while talents are discovered from within.

Maximise the development of individual and business potential through coaching and mentoring by MDEC appointed industrialists and experts.

Here are the available coaching & mentorship programs:
Identify Your Own Potential – Understanding How Mind Works – Know How to Program Yourself

F – eFulfillment Solution

Still looking for courier services that could deliver your goods with care and efficiency? Choose a reliable and reputable courier company that offers tip-top services to suit you and your business needs. eFulfillment solution provider affords business integration services through multichannel delivery.

Here are the avaialble delivery services:
MyParcel Asia – TresGo – Pos Laju – CollectCo – HubWire – iStore iSend – DHL – FedEx – Nationwide – EasyParcel

Introducing eUsahawan Digital Marketing Training Program LIVE in Penang!


About Niel Tan & His Past Trainings

Not only attending the 8 hours training and getting the certificate. You will also able to attend FREE online courses at anywhere at anytime!

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Introducing Go-eCommerce

Free Video Training to Start or Grow Your Business Online

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With Go-eCommerce, you can access to many types of e-marketplace platforms to grow your business online.

Payment Gateway

Go-eCommerce, allows you to access to all the payment gateway's information & decide which suits your business.

Courier Fulfilment

Go-eCommerce also includes all the logistics companies & all the charges information that may fulfill your business needs.

Are You Ready to Be Part of Our eUsahawan Family & Start Growing Your Business Online?

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** We always have full house event, make sure you reserve your seat earlier! **

Success Story

Meet Syarifah Munirah Syed Malek Shahabudin From Kelantan

Founder of Syerich Food

She started doing business from home, baking beautiful and yummy cupcakes and birthday cakes! She used to depend on walk-ins alone, but after she join eUsahawan program, she managed to learn social media marketing and attract customers to search for her business online!

Before she join eUsahawan, she produced 25 to 50 boxes per day and after she completed her eUsahawan program, her production increased to 200 to 300 boxes PER DAY!
Their sales increased by 60% after joining eUsahawan Program.

As time goes by, her business grow further until she managed to recruit 30 agents and 5 stockists throughout whole Malaysia!



Why Go-eCommerce?

Free Online Courses

Free online courses prepared by
Certified Trainers & Experienced Sellers.

Earn Rewards While You Learn

Earn awesome rewards as you complete
each course or questionnaire.

Upskilling Your Knowledge

Learn the latest trend & tricks
of doing eCommerce.

Supports from Partners

Supported by eCommerce Partners to kick start your eCommerce business.

Test Your eBusiness Readiness

Stocktake your strengths & weaknesses & get personalised e-business recommendations.

Track Your Business

Keep track of your profit & loss with
our simple book-keeping feature.

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Throughout whole Malaysia, eUsahawan & MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation) featured our certified trainer Niel Tan as the TOP Trainer of the Month of May 2020!

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eUsahawan Certified

Master Trainers

Niel Tan is the YOUNGEST & one of the ONLY 3 eUsahawan Certified Master Trainer in Penang !!!

FREE Vouchers

to All eUsahawan Participants !!!

You can CLAIM up to RM 239.50 !!!

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To generate leads & Convert sales for you 24/7 online!

"If you want to go fast, go alone. if you want to go far, go together."

Why don't we go both? We go fast & far together!

Level 1 & Level 2

Fully Sponsored Program
  • Digital Sales Funnel Strategy
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Instagram Marketing
  • WhatsApp Marketing
  • Google Marketing
  • Copywriting With Technology
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Professional eBanner Design Training
  • eUsahawan Level 1 - Digital Entreprenuership
  • eUsahawan Level 2 - Step Up Digital Entrepreneurship
  • BONUS: ClickBinar Platform for Freelancers
  • BONUS: FREE eUsahawan eBook (eU Level 2)
  • BONUS: FREE Group Community Entry
  • BONUS: eUsahawan Level 1 Certificate
  • BONUS: eUsahawan Level 2 Certificate
  • BONUS: ClickBinar Task Accomplishment Certificate
  • BONUS: eU Vouchers (Tesco, Giant, GSC, Popular & More) - Subjected to Availability.
  • BONUS: Free One Year Domain Name (Your Website Name) - Subjected to Availability. T&C Applied.
  • BONUS: Free 90 Days Access to Our Awesome Short Video Apps (eU Level 2)


Highest Sales Reported in 2021
(RM 36.18 Million)

Receiving Rewards With All The Elite Master
eUsahawan Certified Trainers

Join our full day offline live training and discover how you can generate NOT just Leads but also Sales with Digital Marketing, Digital Technology and Digital Sales Funneling.

Even better ... Discover how you can hire the technology to work for you 24/7 online by generating leads and converting into sales!

Last Success Story Video

Meet Su Chan the IRON LADY !!!

Watch how her business become so successful!
After attending eUsahawan Program her sales increased by 50% !!!

Watch how her business become so successful!
After attending eUsahawan Program her sales increased by 50% !!!


This program is sponsored by the
Malaysian Federal Government under
Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).

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