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Digital Launch Program

Start & launch your digital products and/or digital services business online!

Grab our Digital Launch BackPack to get started right away! This is good if you do not want to start from zero.

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Amount RM 497

This is a single payment made in Ringgit Malaysia

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Amount: RM 497.00
Bill Name: Digital Launch Program
Description: Digital Launch Program - RM 497 One Time Payment Only.

Steps to Complete The Payment:
Step 1: Use any eWallets or bank that is available with DuitNow.
(A list of eWallets and banks can be found below)
Step 2: Use the QR code scanner in the respective eWallets or bank's app and scan the QR code below.
Step 3: Send us the proof of payment to our WhatsApp by clicking here.

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Digital Launch Program

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